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My son's teacher said his reading has advanced 3 years in the last 6 months."

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The transition from Year 6 to Year 7

Unfortunately a lot of parents of year six children miss a wonderful opportunity to give their child a huge advantage. A number of our year sixes stop tutoring after tests in May. Whilst the tests in the final term of year six have some significance, they are not nearly as important to your child's progress as the assessments they will have at the beginning of year 7.

Children very often reach a peak of achievement at the time of the Year 6 tests but begin to rapidly forget things very soon afterwards. By the time they are being "looked at" by the Year 7 teachers, they are not able to do themselves justice, being out of the habit of academic study for three to four months.

Some secondary schools have formal assessments and some just observe children closely, or a mixture of both. However, the end result is that your child will be put into a "set"; they will be taught at the level and speed deemed appropriate for them. It is possible to move to higher sets, of course, but it becomes increasingly more difficult as the differential gets wider all the time between the highest and the lowest sets.

A child who keeps the academic study "ticking over" during those Summer months will be able to present a true picture of themselves, when the assessment comes and will have a definite advantage over those who have switched off for a quarter of a year! For a potentially bright child to get stuck in a low set at secondary school is an educational tragedy.

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